Bio Fertiliser

What is the need using Bio-fertilizers?

Increase crop yield by 20-30%.
Replace chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 25%.
Stimulate plant growth.
Activate the soil biologically.
Restore natural soil fertility.
Provide protection against drought and some soil borne diseases.
Cost effective.
Supplement to fertilizers
Stimulate plant growth.
Eco-friendly (Friendly with nature)
Reduces the costs towards fertilizers use, especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus.
ujjawal Phos (PSB) Bio Fertilizer
¤ ujjawal potash (KMB) Bio Fertilizer
ujjawal raja plus Mycorrhizal
¤ ujjawalZinc (ZSB) Bio Fertilizer
¤ ujjawal Aceto
¤ ujjawal Rhizo
¤ ujjawal Azospore
¤ Nutrolite NPK Carrier Based & Liquid Based Consortia¤ Grotop Azotobacter
Nutrolite gold