Micronutrients Fertilizer

Micronutrients are those elements essential for plant growth which are needed in only very small (micro) quantities. These elements are sometimes called minor elements or trace elements,The micronutrients are sulpher, ferres sulphet boron (B), copper (Cu), iron(Fe), chloride (Cl), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo) and zinc(Zn). Recycling organic matter such as grass clippings and tree leaves is an excellent way of providing micronutrients (as well as macronutrients) to growing plants. Our products are enriched with the below explained micronutrients as per the govt. specifications of grade which varies from state to state.

Boron (B)

Helps in the use of nutrients and regulates other nutrients.
Aids production of sugar and carbohydrates.
Essential for seed and fruit development.
Sources of boron are organic matter and borax
Copper (Cu)

Important for reproductive growth.
Aids in root metabolism and helps in the utilization of proteins.
Chloride (Cl)

Aids plant metabolism.
Chloride is found in the soil.
Iron (Fe)

Essential for formation of chlorophyll.
Sources of iron are the soil, iron sulfate, iron chelate
Manganese (Mn)

Functions with enzyme systems involved in breakdown of carbohydrates, and nitrogen metabolism.
Soil is a source of manganese
Molybdenum (Mo)

Helps in the use of nitrogen
Soil is a source of molybdenum.
Zinc (Zn)

Essential for the transformation of carbohydrates.
Regulates consumption of sugars.
Part of the enzyme systems which regulate plant growth.
Sources of zinc are soil, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, zinc chelate.

Packing Sizes

ujjawal zink : folier sprey and soil application 100 gm 250 gm 5kg,
ujjawal sulpha (soil aplication) : 3 kg , 5 kg