It is a high quality crop enhancer in which Sea Weed Extract, fulvic acid, humate, enzymes and vitamins are available in their natural form which helps to make plant root structure strong and generates a special kind of energy in the plant by which the plants get the energy from photosynthesis and grow rapidly. It gives better yields and healthy crop. It is also useful in promoting the growth of stem, leaves and roots.

Advantages of Ujjawal Smudrica

Increases the growth of leafs.
By the use of Ujjawal Smudrica each and every plant increases the number of fruits.
It increases the color, glow, size and weight of the fruit.
It increases the disease reagent power of the crop.
It increases the endurance power of the crop against both cold and drought.
How to use
Mix ujjawal smudrica 250 ml with 100-150 liter of water or mix with urea and spray. It can also be sprayed by mixing with any other pesticide/fungicide.
mix ujjawal smudrica 5 to 10 kg with urea and applied in the soil for one acr